2016 Dine Out Registration
General Information
Address information:
Official billing address for the corporation. In the case of a Independent Operator this may also be the restaurant physical address.
Restaurant Type:
- Choose Independent Operator when owner of a single restaurant location or franchise.
- Choose Multi-Unit Corporate when owning more than one restaurant location (and/or have franchises) that will be coordinated through your corporation.
- Choose Multi-Unit Franchisee when owning more than one franchise location that will be coordinated through your corporation (e.g. group owning 12 ABC franchises).
If you have previously participated
select the year(s) (choose all that apply)
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Contact Information
Secondary Contact Information
Participation Information
Participation Dates
Please consider participating for as much of September 2016 as you are able. However, you can indicate the exact length of your promotion by selecting dates below