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Dine Out - No Kid Hungry


1 in 6 children in America lives with hunger. We can’t let that happen.

But there’s something you can do. This September, Dine Out for No Kid Hungry at one of thousands of participating restaurants and help us end childhood hunger.

Use our zip code locator to find participating restaurants near you!


Meet the restaurant team members who have joined us to help make sure no kid in America goes hungry.

  • John Kelly

    John Kelly


    Atlanta, GA

    "It’s disappointing to know that 1 in 6 kids in America lives with hunger. Ensuring our country’s youth are well nourished should remain a top priority to allow America’s next generation the opportunity to learn, grow, achieve and succeed.” 


  • Leela Labastchi

    Leela Lebastchi


    San Diego, CA

    “Knowing that kids are going hungry motivates me to get involved with the team and help fight towards a solution to this issue. Any support to help others live better lives is something worth acting on."

  • Karina Gutierrez

    Karina Gutierrez


    El Centro, CA

    “It feels awesome to participate in Dine Out and I’m proud to help No Kid Hungry!”

  • Christina Azer

    Christina Azer


    San Diego, CA

    “It makes me feel so proud that I can be a part of something that helps kids. Most of us have kids and it makes me feel happy.” 

  • Edgar Castillo

    Edgar Castillo


    El Centro, CA

    “Hunger can’t wait because kids are the future of our country. It makes me feel really proud that we are able to help and make a difference.” 

  • Daryl Guerra

    Daryl Guerra


    Los Angeles, CA

    “I love participating in Dine Out, I am grateful that I work for an organization that cares and I hope the partnership continues for a long time.” 

  • Julio Arevelo

    Julio Arevelo


    Hollywood, CA

    “It feels great that we participate in Dine Out and are supporting and doing this for kids.” 

  • Maria Gonzalez

    Maria Gonzalez


    San Bernardino, CA

    “We shouldn’t’ have any kids going hungry. I’m proud of Denny’s for being a part of the Dine Out for No Kid Hungry campaign.” 

  • Liz Kinder

    Liz Kinder


    Yucaipa, CA

    “Hunger can’t wait because no child should go hungry. It makes me feel proud to be a part of a company that helps feed hungry kids in America.” 

  • Melissa LeBrun

    Melissa LeBrun


    Orange County, CA

    “It makes me really proud that Denny’s partners with a program to help support their neighbors and friends. It’s an honor to be a part of an organization that shares my passion for our community.” 

  • Angelica Contreras

    Angelica Contreras


    Hemet, CA

    “Ending childhood hunger can’t wait because we don’t want anyone to be hungry. It’s the principle of it and I want my store to be known for something good.” 

  • Jeff Wold

    Jeff Wold

    BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

    West Covina, CA

    “It’s awesome to work for a corporation that supports a cause. They are promoting things that make people better people.” 

  • Mario Romero

    Mario Romero

    BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

    West Covina, CA

    “There are a lot of kids in need and it’s good to know there are people out there looking out for them.”

  • Camille Dampf

    Camille Dampf

    BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

    West Covina, CA

    “I think it’s great that BJ’s participates in Dine Out for No Kid Hungry and I have never worked for a company that does so much.” 

  • Isabella Galeazi

    Isabella Galeazi

    BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

    West Covina, CA

    “Childhood hunger is a huge issue and anything we can do to help, we should.” 

  • Krysteen Romero

    Krysteen Romero

    BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

    West Covina, CA

    “I am very proud to be a part of Dine Out for No Kid Hungry. My favorite part about working at BJ’s is that we get involved with this campaign.” 

  • George Camacho

    George Camacho

    The Habit Burger Grill

    El Segundo, CA

    “It makes me proud to be involved in Dine Out for No Kid Hungry, and it’s nice that where I work they care about this cause.” 

  • Reina Lopez

    Reina Lopez

    The Habit Burger Grill

    El Segundo, CA

    “It makes me feel honored and proud that our team works really hard for such a great organization.” 

  • Michael Beers

    Michael Beers

    The Tavern at Sunset Hill

    Sugar Hill, NH

    Facing hunger as a child and as an adult, I know what it means to be hungry. Being able to use my influence as a chef and restaurateur to keep children from going hungry is awesome and humbling.

  • Kirsten Allen

    Kirsten Allen


    Salt Lake City, UT

    “It feels great to participate in Dine Out for No Kid Hungry! It may seem like one person can't make a difference but when we pool our efforts together we can make a tremendous impact on the kids in our communities.”

  • Timothy Hollingsworth

    Timothy Hollingsworth


    Los Angeles, CA

    “As a father, it's heartbreaking to be faced with these statistics, even in a country like the US. We need to care for these children, and show them that there are people who care about their wellbeing. Any small step towards helping such a great cause is worth it, and I am humbled to be part of this campaign.”

  • Chris Ledbetter

    Chris Ledbetter

    Ted's Montana Grill

    Buford, GA

    “The impact my team and I have made on the number of hungry kids in the last ten years is what keeps us fighting to raise money.”

  • Christopher Johnson

    Christopher Johnson

    On the Border

    Mansfield, TX

    “I am currently a head coach for a football team and know that there are some children who may not eat when they get home. I feel very inspired to make a difference in the lives of children and let them know that someone cares about them.”

  • Rachel Stone

    Rachel Stone


    Harrisburg, IL

    “Growing up, I was always on free meal programs at school and didn't eat much at home due to income. I no longer have that problem, but I want to help anyone that does.”

  • Amanda Dukes

    Amanda Dukes


    Gardendale, AL

    “Ending childhood hunger is so important to me because no child should have to be hungry and they deserve to eat and to grow and learn.”

  • Nelly Villareal

    Nelly Villareal

    Grimaldi's Pizzeria

    Irving, TX

    “Hunger can’t wait because it is affecting children. I think it's important to act quickly because children are growing, developing and need all the nutrients they can get to achieve their full potential.”

  • Diamond Beasley

    Diamond Beesley


    Orem, UT

    “As a kid I was pretty poor and we got most of our food from the food bank and such. It feels awesome to give back to a campaign that helped me as a kid!”

  • Kaitlyn Elser

    Kaitlyn Elser

    On The Border

    Rockwall, TX

    “Ending child hunger can't wait because no child should have to go through this. It makes me feel good to participate in Dine Out for No Kid Hungry and I know I can help make a change for these children.”

  • Brandi Allen

    Brandi Allen


    Cookeville, TN

    “To end childhood hunger is to "Remove The Obstacle". Hunger is the obstacle standing in the way of our children’s’ future, to remove this is to remove the concern from their lives.”

  • Christopher Robinson

    Christopher Robinson


    Jasper, Alabama

    “No child can get the education they deserve if they are hungry. It is always great to contribute to your community and feel that you play a role in something important!”

  • Anna Fuller

    Anna Fuller


    Jasper, Alabama

    “It warms my heart to know that people truly care about the well being of the hungry children and will go out of their way to share a few dollars for them.”

  • Faye Howard

    Faye Howard


    Jasper, Alabama

    “It makes me feel sad knowing that 1 in 6 children in America lives with hunger.”

  • Makayla Dye

    Makayla Dye


    Jasper, Alabama

    “I think that ending child hunger can’t wait because every single child is important and deserves to be treated like they matter.”

  • Eleni

    Eleni Kouvatsos

    First Watch

    University Park, FL

    “While volunteering with at-risk kids at an elementary school in Gainesville, FL, I met so many children with endless potential who frequently came to school hungry. I love working for a company that cares so much about families in the community.”

  • Jena Hillis

    Jena Hillis

    Grimaldi's Pizzeria

    Irving, TX

    “I work in the hospitality/service industry, I don't just serve those that I work with and customers, I serve everyone.”

  • Allison Black

    Allison Black

    Grimaldi's Pizzeria

    Scottsdale, AZ

    “Working for a restaurant, it's natural to want to provide food for everyone. I feel fortunate to have this outlet to bring health and happiness to children. The children of today will become the teachers, doctors, and scientists of tomorrow.”

  • Josef Sanchez

    Josef Sanchez

    Grimaldi's Pizzeria

    Scottsdale, CA

    “I believe that hunger can't wait because children are going hungry as we speak. It is important because these children are the future, but without food it is tough to reach their full potential."

  • Morgan Higgins

    Morgan Higgins

    Jack In The Box

    San Diego, CA

    “It breaks my heart that so many children live with hunger, it's shouldn't be a privilege, but a necessity.”

  • Jared McLaughlin

    Jared McLaughlin


    Spanish Fork, UT

    “I know that I am making a difference in the lives of hungry children across the America. I am proud to be a part of something so important.”

  • Tijuana Burton

    Tijuana Burton

    Dairy Queen

    Fort Worth, Texas

    "It is very saddening to know that kids are not able to eat a meal at night. I used to be one of those kids that was not able to eat at home. It is truly a blessing to me to participate in Dine Out for No Kid Hungry, because I am able to do something positive and give back to kids in need."

  • Marcus Tom

    Marcus Tom

    Jack In The Box

    San Diego, CA

    “Being part of the solution and making a difference in the lives of children across the country makes me feel proud and confident that child hunger in America can be a thing of the past.”

  • Kathy Lama

    Kathy Lama

    Jack In The Box

    San Diego, CA

    “I'm glad to partner with an organization that is invested in the success of our youth by making sure they get the best start in life.”

  • Alicia Cook

    Alicia Cook

    Jack In The Box

    San Diego, CA

    “Solving childhood hunger in America is a realistic goal if we all work together to match children, families, and schools with the appropriate resources!”

  • Michael Akers

    Michael Akers

    Dairy Queen

    Benbrook, TX

    “It makes me unhappy knowing that as I grew up, there were other kids who didn't get to eat every day. And that makes me want to help.”

  • Dena Berkson

    Dena Berkson

    Jack In The Box

    San Diego, CA

    “It makes me unhappy knowing that as I grew up, there were other kids who didn't get to eat every day. And that makes me want to help.”


Watch our video to learn about the Dine Out for No Kid Hungry campaign and how you can help.


No Kid Hungry is hitting the road, visiting our restaurant partners in cities around the country. Check out the stops below to see if we’re coming to a city near you!

About Dine Out for No Kid Hungry

Dine Out For No Kid Hungry is a national restaurant campaign that raises critical funds and awareness to end childhood hunger in America. Last year, nearly 15,000 restaurants united with Dine Out for No Kid Hungry. Since 2008, our restaurant partners and their guests have raised over $58M to get kids the meals they need, every day.